Thursday, May 21, 2015

Poetry Corner: A Collage of Failed Love.

By: Erick Rojas

She was the perfect, Or rather my type of perfect I was searching for Her open mouth aligned With mirror like teeth That purity in her soul Reflected kindness Her chest carried a heart bigger Than the size of her fist It pounded like a tiako orchestra She never failed in captivating your attention It was like magic The way she composed Symphonies Once you fell for her rhythm Your heart started plotting Escape routes In order to be by her side A superb writer her word play Seduced me without the physical aspect Not that she lacked physique Older in age She guided my flow With a Devine touch Suggested corrections In my pieces with boldness Influenced my adoration For rewording She, a master analyst, Taught me how to place Sentences, as in chess, Together we figured How to win your attention

This poem is not about Lucky Smith in anyway shape or form. Poet is a freelance writer who submits poetry to the magazine from time to time. 
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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Reflection Corner: What It Means To Being Born Caucasian and Laotian

By: Lucky Smith

I want to enlighten you on dating concepts from immigrant Asian cultures. Contrary to many myths about the Asian culture and their women marrying white is not always considered marrying up. In fact each Asian culture has their own belief and value system, and that means not all Asians have the same ideologies. For example, Thailand has the negative stigma of being the brothel of the world. Laos which is next to Thailand carries those same exploitative labels. It has been an ongoing insult to have both Laos and Thai cultures  being degraded into sexual objectification. Thailand and Laos is not the glory hole of the world! Since I was raised cultural Laotian, I will speak upon the Laos perspective because Thai culture has it's similarities and  differences.  When a native Laos woman dates a Caucasian man, she maybe  considered a whore by other Laos natives. A child from that marriage maybe born with a mark of a whore. That means the child could be rejected by both it's Caucasian and Laos heritage. The hyper sensitivity in South East Asian about Caucasians stems from war times, and globalization.  Women and gay men in particular were sexually exploited, abused, taken advantage of and used in their own countries by foreigners. Therefore, there is a lot of trauma, resentments and biases by many natives along with immigrant Laotians towards Caucasians. It can be a sign of losing face and deep disrespect to the Laos woman's family to publicly date or marry Caucasian. I do not believe in these ideologies. In fact, I publicly date whoever I want based upon my own standards. Racial discrimination perpetuates racism. Racism and racial discrimination destroys hope for humanity's evolution. I am writing about this topic because after a recent lecture, I realized  another reason why I was so servery abused as a child.
I was a product of shame. Like the fetus that should have been aborted. The reasoning is within Laos culture that they values themselves based upon how others value them. Meaning if others view a person as bad, then they are bad regardless of merit or action. That relates back to their spiritually and Buddhism in being without your inner self. Being a whore is considered the lowest degradation possible. A whore loses their humanness. Since, the most obvious way to signify a whore is by seeing her dating a Caucasian man. That is why any affection in public or in front of Asian elders especially by Caucasian men is disrespecting the entire family. However, the larger amount of foreign travelers to Laos are from other Asian countries.
Nonetheless, my father was not a whore. In fact my parents combination of Asian man and Caucasian woman were very rare in their time. The truth is my father came to North America for his career. Got his green card after establishing his business met my mother and fell in love. But these facts still will not change some racial discriminatory beliefs by some individuals.
Although Laotian's do believe "white Asian" is beautiful. White Asian is not the same as having one white parent and one Asian person. White Asian is having skin color being whitish and pinkish mixed with slanted eyes. I do not fit that at all. My mother was Jewish, German, English and Dutch. She had olive tone skin color and hazel eyes. My father had the white Asian look. I turned out to look more Hispanic (which I am not) because I have light brown skin, dark hazel eyes, and dark hair. That means I was not considered beautiful by neither side. Nonetheless, to my parents I was considered beautiful.
Now onto what is it like growing up not being accepted within my cultures. It was painful, because I wanted to belong, and loved but I wasn't. I can never be Asian or Caucasian enough.  It broke my heart to constantly be rejected by both sides of my families. As for the abuse I endured that will be for another article. My point is this judge a person based only on merit, action and character. No one should be raised or disregarded because of their phenotype. Being born Caucasian and Laos means to me is not belonging anywhere.

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Sunday, May 10, 2015

America Corner: Ernesto a Product of The School to Prison Pipeline

By: Lucky Smith

In all fairness, I have been in the juvenile detention centers. I have witness a lot of violence within those walls. I have been jumped by gang members and witness other acts of violence. Therefore, I am trying my hardness not to be bias in this article.

 In the shadows of Riverside County located in Southern California lives a man without an address, home or place to call his own. He has on vacant parking lots, sidewalks and between buildings to sleep on. Everything he owns are in plastic shopping bags. Ernesto is homeless. On University Blvd down the street from UC Riverside he begs for change. A few pennies that makes his day. He appreciates with a smile and god bless you. Today I wanted to hear  his story. Ernesto who is a victim of the juvenile judicial system. Please read the following interview. Certain identifying information will not be release and has been change for the safety, and respect of Ernesto.
"What is your name?"- Lucky Smith
"Ernesto."- Ernesto
"How old are you?"-Lucky Smith
"40 years old."-Ernesto
"Are you homeless?"-Lucky Smith
"Yes, I am"-Ernesto
"How long have you been homeless?"-Lucky Smith
"15 years."-Ernesto
"How did you become homeless?"-Lucky Smith
"Because I can't get a job cause I have felonies and I'm an alcoholic. I won't break the law because I got raped in prison. So now I beg for change for food and alcohol."- Ernesto
"What did you go to prison for?"-Lucky Smith
"For a beer run. I stole a 36 pack of beer."-Ernesto
"How much time did you get?"-Lucky Smith
"4 years, I was in maximum security prison for stealing beer. I was with murders, rapists and lifetime gang members. I think it's cause I been in a gang is why I got put in that yard."-Ernesto
"You know begging for change is against the law?"-Lucky Smith
"Please don't call the cops, if they arrest me, they will throw away all of my stuff. It's not much but that's all that I have."-Ernesto
"No, I will not call the police. It's hot, your hungry and you are not being a threat to anyone. I have no reason to call them. How many times have you been to prison?"-Lucky Smith
"Once that was enough, but Youth Authority was worst."-Ernesto
"How was Youth Authority worst?"-Lucky Smith
"The gang members there are crazy violent. There are more rapes. After Y.A was when I started being an alcoholic. I join a gang in my teens to avoid being jumped by everyone."- Ernesto
"I have been to juvenile hall too and I understand what you are talking about, except I never join a gang. It always seem like  another form of organize slavery for a purpose I don't believe in. I notice that gang members all jump non gang members more. Myself included."-Lucky Smith
"I'm sorry."-Ernesto
"It is what it is. What county were your controlling cases from?"-Lucky Smith
"Orange County, I grew up in Fullerton, California."- Ernesto
"What brought you out to Riverside?"-Lucky Smith
"My mom finally got clean when I went to prison. She brought a house, I paroled to her after I got out. I was sober, got a job and got off parole than she died. I couldn't afford to keep the payments so I lost the house."- Ernesto
"So you had a job after prison?"-Lucky Smith
"Yes, at a warehouse. I stopped drinking but after my mom died all the nightmares came back. I started drinking and now that is my job."-Ernesto
"When did you start to go to jail?"-Lucky Smith
"I was 12 years old, I stole a bag of food because I was hungry. The foster family I was living with didn't give us a lot of food. I was sent to camp. I grew up in juvenile hall"-Ernesto
"What have been you charges?"- Lucky Smith
"Always the same things from 12 to 25 years old mainly stealing food and alcohol. But going to Y.A for stealing food was just fucked up. I can't make the foster care and group people feed me."-Ernesto
"Did you ever tell anyone social workers, lawyers, the judge?" Lucky Smith
"No one ever tried to talk to me. No one talks to me now. Why do you think it would have made a difference? Would they have cared?"-Ernesto
"I don't know. What are you trying to do with your life now?"-Lucky Smith
"I'm just waiting to die."-Ernesto
Ernesto's story broke my heart. As a society there is more we can do for individuals like Ernesto. His punishments does not fit the crime. The cost to house one juvenile inmate per year is $87,961.35, which is almost double the cost for an adult inmate. If  Ernesto only adult offense was stealing beer, does 4 years in prison justify the crime? Here is more information and food for thought.
"Approximately 93,000 young people are held in juvenile justice facilities across the United States.1 Seventy percent of these youth are held in state-funded, postadjudication, residential facilities, at an average cost of $240.99 per day per youth.2 With states facing serious budgetary constraints, it is an opportune time for policymakers to consider ways to reduce juvenile justice spending that won’t compromise public safety."-Justice Policy Institute
"The ACLU is committed to challenging the "school to prison pipeline," a disturbing national trend wherein children are funneled out of public schools and into the juvenile and criminal justice systems. Many of these children have learning disabilities or histories of poverty, abuse or neglect, and would benefit from additional educational and counseling services. Instead, they are isolated, punished and pushed out. "Zero-tolerance" policies criminalize minor infractions of school rules, while cops in school lead students being criminalized for behavior that should be handled inside the school. Students of color are especially vulnerable to push-out trends and the discriminatory application of discipline."-ACLU

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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Start Over News Magazine: Life's Corner: Join the Service and may end up Hom...

Start Over News Magazine: Life's Corner: Join the Service and may end up Hom...: How America does welcome its heroes? What is a hero? By the definition from, “a warrior of special strength, courage, or...

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Monday, May 4, 2015

California Corner: Read This Domestic Violence Abuser's Candid Interview and Be A Hero

By: Lucky Smith

In all fairness, disclosure I am survivor of abuse, rape and domestic violence. Crime and punishment has been the endless debate without easy solutions. According to American Legislative Exchange Council the average cost to house an inmate is about $45,006 per year. Other words, no matter what victims and innocent bystanders suffer from abusers, child molesters, murders and rapists. The bigger problem is the revolving prison doors. Too many criminals and not enough prisons. Should the direction be towards rehabilitation and reconsideration for drug laws? Prop 47 has reduce drug offenses to $997  tickets for most situations, and early releases for drug offenders in prison. The process needs to speed up, to make room for violent, sexual and unstable offenders. In 2013 California's 33 prisons housed 119,506 inmate, the prisons were designed for 79,959 inmates. The federal court released 9,500 inmates by December 31, 2013. Since the early release crime rates are increasing for crimes like homicides, rapes, and property crimes. Governor Edmund Brown found a solution by giving early releases. Early release dates for violent crimes is like a slap in the face to the victim.  The  AB 109 Law that Governor Brown sign was ideally to give these early releases for "low level inmates" "non-violent" and"non-sexual" crimes. The biggest flaw in the AB 109 law is the "low level inmates" because a violent offender can enter the prison system and become low level inmate by avoiding additional charges and write ups while in prison. I interviewed a Riverside resident whom received an early release for two counts of attempted murder because he became a "low level inmate."  Due to the interviewee's request names, identifying details are not released, and this interview was not recorded. Please read this candid interview that may make you want to vomit. He is a Caucasian male in his 40's with a prior criminal, violent, and drug history. The interview took place in Riverside, California.
"What were your charges?" -Lucky Smith
"Two counts of attempted murder." -Mr. X
"What county was your trial out of?"- Lucky Smith
"Riverside" -Mr. X
"Please tell me what happen." -Lucky Smith
"I gave the bitch a baptism." -Mr. X
"Excuse me?" - Lucky Smith
"I held her under water for a little bit" -Mr. X
"You mean your wife" -Lucky Smith
"Yea, ex-bitch wouldn't shut up, I gave the bitch my last name, I gave her a green card,  house and cars. I come home from work and she's nagging me all the fucking time. Then she starts yelling at me, so I gave her something to yell about." -Mr. X
"Okay, what did you do?"-Lucky Smith
"I grab her by the hair dragged her to the backyard, threw her into the pool, and held her under the water for just a  minute maybe two minutes. I wasn't trying  to kill her. Plus her arms were still moving when I let her go. Then the fucking neighbors called the cops because the stupid bitch kept on screaming.So the fucking pigs come over and they see that she's a little wet."-Mr. X
"Little wet?" -Lucky Smith
"All of her clothes and shit. The pigs saw a few little bruises around her neck. They kept asking questions. She said I didn't hit her. Which I didn't, I never have punched her in my life."
-Mr. X
"You did strangle her?"-Lucky Smith
"No, not strangulation. I was choking her under water. Look the bitch was asking for it. She always wants to fight everyday about every little fucking little thing. Don't call me a bitch, don't do this and don't do that. I am a hard working man, pay my taxes, own my home. I am a good man and the bitch didn't appreciate shit. I see how your looking at me.  Don't fucking judge me, I did 40 months for that stupid ass wetback. I did my time. I have only three more weeks of domestic violence classes left then I am done with all this stupid fucking shit. You keep looking at me like I'm a piece of shit."
 -Mr. X
"This is not about me, back to your story. Do you have any remorse, or regrets?" -Lucky Smith
"Yea, I should have held her down longer under water and really beat the shit out of her. The bitch was crazy, she always started the fights. She even tried to attack me." - Mr. X
"You're like 270 pounds, and 5'11. You think that was a fair fight between you and your wife? I mean she may have hit you out of fear and you tried to kill her out of anger." -Lucky Smith
"I did my time for that shit, okay. I don't have to be here answering your fucking questions, if you can't be nice." -Mr. X
"How did you get the second charge?" -Lucky Smith
"After the cops left I pushed her against the wall and said 'if you talk to the cops I will bury you in the backyard.' The cops were still in the front yard and heard me slam her against the wall. The stupid bitch starts screaming, kicking and punching me. They breakdown my door and fucking arrest me for giving my bitch a baptism and having a little conversation. I had to pay for a new door." - Mr. X
"Your lucky you didn't get shot. How much time did you get?" -Lucky Smith
"7 years." -Mr. X
"How much time did you actually do?" -Lucky Smith
"40 months" -Mr. X
"So less than half." -Lucky Smith
"Yup"- Mr. X
"What level inmate were you?" -Lucky Smith
"Level 1. I had only two points. Now that  retarded ass bitch is pregnant from some other dude that hits her. I mean really beats her. She is a stupid fucking bitch. She had it good with me." -Mr. X
"Are you in contact with her?" -Lucky Smith
"No, I can't talk or see her for 10 years. That criminal protective order shit. Good for me cause I'm onto the next one." -Mr. X
"I'm sure the single female population of Riverside is really excited about you joining the meat market." -Lucky Smith
"Right" -Mr. X
"Then how do you know so much about her life now?" -Lucky Smith
"We know some of the same people." -Mr. X
"You do understand that is a form of stalking?" -Lucky Smith
"No, it's not. " -Mr. X
"Okay, this interview is over. Thank you for your time." -Lucky Smith

Mr. X is a perfect example of not being rehabilitated after prison. In fact individuals like him will almost  never recover from their naturalized abusive cognition and behavior. What would be the solution? Mandatory sentencing to serve 80% of their time for any domestic violence cases. Being a model inmate should not be available for a violent offender for early release dates. Also every domestic violence convict must receive at least two years of prison therapy, anger management, and domestic violence for abusers classes while the inmate is in prison. Understand anger management and domestic violence classes for abusers are two different types of classes. Even after the time in prison, classes  may become a waste of time and money for some individuals. Some individuals are just a ticking time bomb for horrific acts against humanity. If this story strikes you that there is something wrong with California's  prison system. Please email and call Governor Edmund Brown:
Remember your voice counts. Public officials are elected by the people to serve the people. Be a hero  send a letter, email and make a phone call.

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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Thought Corner: Why Earning A Higher Education Is Important For Personal and Emotional Growth

By: Lucky Smith

I have notice that the majority of overt sexist, racist, and close-minded individuals tend to be very uneducated. Not to say, in the world of academia does not have issues concerning sexism, racism and narrow mindedness, but the levels for these social cancers are lower. For the most part sexist and racist individuals may have became educated enough to learn to hide their personal views. Which is still harmful. As Stuart Hall said, "Inferential racism is the most dangerous because it is invisible."  Overall, the majority in the world of academia have been exposed to diversity enough to gain respect for different cultures, backgrounds, and genders. One of the main points to having a student to take so many prerequisites and educational requirements  for graduation is to become well round. To not only become an expert in their career field, but to think outside the box. Whereas, the average high school graduate and/or high school drop out most likely will be unable to fully appreciate differences in foreign cultures and anything alien to them because they lack  knowledge. Knowledge provokes awareness in-turns hails for action.  Therefore, many of those individuals are trapped in the ideologies for gender roles, racial fallacies and false entitlement.  Their world is so tiny, that they live in fear of the unknown. Fear is the root for hate, addiction and abuse.  Those same individuals falsely use religion, gender and ethnicity as rationale for their monstrous roles in society. Excusing their need for domination and power at the expense of someone else. The saddest part of the social dynasty  is the fact those individuals do not know they are the ones being dominated and controlled. The capitalist economy gets the cheapest labor from the  most uneducated. They are fulfilling their predetermined roles as mindless worker bees. The capitalist hierarchy design these roles for the worker bees to being small minded, angry and chaotic with being controllable by the Repressive State Apparatus. The chaos itself creates the illusion that codependency for capitalist order being a needed in order to function. So yes, earning a higher education is beyond getting a job but improvement on the individuals personal and emotional growth.

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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

George’s Gluten Free Comedy @ HaHa Comedy Club & CafĂ©

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