Friday, January 20, 2012

Clubber's Corner: The Rej3ctz Don't Reject Their Own

A big thank you to Varion, Erin, London Moore, Oops Production, The Rejects, DJ E-Fresh, and all the promoters on board for Celebrity Thursday.
Pee W33 and the rest of the Rejectz proves that frame does not change everybody, for being such a young artists older people can take lessons on their swag. The magazine was invite to cover this event, and again you never know what will happen in Hollywood. First off, Pee W33 walks in clearly something was wrong (facial expressions walking up to the Red Carpet) but he was still to able to be professional and do the photo shoot with a good attitude. Then instead of sending his manager, body guard, or whoever to get the rest of his entourage into the club, he went himself (at that point he had my full attention), with the rest of the Rejectz following to bring their people in. They literally stop the line to make sure everyone of their crew got in and refused to go in without them, honesty I was impressed. I never seen anyone bring that many people to a club except for promoters, (I have partied with ballers, been a promoter, and now a reporter) so I been to many celebrity events, but the Rejects crew was so deep they could have filled the entire club by themselves.  Since it was Pee W33 birthday, they were poppin bottles, taking pictures with fans, dancing on the main floor of the club and really just had fun.
Will post the 200 pictures later.

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