Thursday, July 26, 2012

History Corner: NSC 68 and The Cold War

By: Lucky Smith
The secretive report of the NSC-68 escalated the paranoia fears with the American public to maintain its support for the Cold War. It was a report detailing the issues with the arms’ race and the threat from the Soviet Union. The political pressures from NSC-68 were to build up a stronger US military defense against the Soviet Union, and plans on how to provide protection for the Western Hemisphere. The social significance was keeping the American society living in fear about the Cold War, and NSC-68 was the fuel for the fire. The fear of the unknown cultures because the over publicized worry about the Cold War keeps the separation, racism, and prejudice tolerable as well as acceptable in American society. The civil rights movements began to become stronger and stronger towards the end of the Cold War. When people live in fear, they look at each other, but when they stop looking at one another is when the mass majority notices social injustice, and higher up the US government. NSC-68 promoted fears in society, making the American society easier to be control by the US government.

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