Mission Statement

Mission Statement


StartOverNewsMagazine.com is a member of the Society of Professional Journalists. We are now an online news magazine covering all newsworthy events from entertainment, clubs, sports, music, politics and crime and we are no longer connected to the college. What began as a school project on September 2011, took a life of its own transforming into a business.  Now we have over 200,000 readers and still counting across the USA as well as all over the world. The top 3 leading countries of readers are: North America, UK, and China.  The official launch with sponsors was in November of 2011.  It reports the news uncensored along with showcasing music, art, and short films from unknown/known artist.  StarOverNewsMagazine.com is a mash up of Cosmopolitan, CNN, World News, The New Yorker, Rolling Stones Magazine, and Maxim without celebrity gossip in compliance with the Society of Professional Journalists code of conduct and the Blogger code of conduct. The site is geared to inform and be the voices for the underdogs, minority, youth, voiceless, and adults of the world who normality do not follow the news.  Our demographics of readers are in the age range of 18 to 54 years of age worldwide.  This magazine is meant to shock, inform and entertain our readers through short blogs and articles.  There is no nudity or porn on this site, however, some of the pictures contain models in lingerie and push the reader’s imagination. We are the news industry’s entertainment to politics news with a twist.
What if I disagree with your reports or views?
We don't expect everyone to agree. Please share your thoughts with us by posting your comments.  Thank you, Start Over News Magazine.


StartOverNewsMagazine.com came out of the blog StartOverQueen.com that started as a college project for a journalism class.  At the time the blog was connected to the college’s blog site and accessible only to the readers from the college.  Owner, Operator, and Writer Erica Khamvongsa AKA Lucky Smith received her press credentials originally from her college but when she successfully expanded StartOverNewsMagazine.com to the World Wide Web, she began a member of the Society of Professional Journalists.  Now StartOverNewsMagazine.com has established itself as a web magazine leaving but not forgetting its roots from a college campus.
What’s in our name?
          Start Over.  Start Over because life happens even when we aren’t paying attention, and to feel the success in living we will always have to allow ourselves the opportunity to just start over.  Otherwise, we will end up in a rabbit hole trying to grasp what was lost long ago.  Start Over.
 Email: Luckysmith@startovernewsmagazine.com

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